Indonesia is the world’s largest island country and its name is derived from the Greek words, Indos and Nesos meaning Indian Islands. It is a South East Asian Islamic country with Muslim majority population lodged safely between Indian and Pacific oceans. Java, the world’s most populous island is home to more than 2/3rds of the country’s population.  Indonesia has mainly tropical climate and its capital was Jakarta until recently when it changed its capital to Nusantara. It is a newly industrialized country and ranks 15th in the list of largest economies of the world.


The warm and hospitable natives of East and North-East India is known for its love for food, nature, and guests. The region is characterized by its diverse yet interconnected languages, customs, beliefs, andtraditions intertwined into a solid cultural mix. 


East India is celebrated all over the world forits rich traditional legacy, myriad tribes, and religious fervor. When in East India,get ready to hop on the experiences of your lifetime – witnessing the indigenousarts and crafts of the tribals, bamboo and cane marvels, miniature art,grounded lifestyle, architectural marvels, religious fairs, and festivals, andmore!

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Top Things to do in Indonesia

When in Indonesia, tourists can indulge in a host of activities from surfing in Kuta to Sunbathing on Pulau Weh in Aceh. One can also visit the legendary Borobudur Temple, a cultural icon of the country. Tourists can also sample from the finest delicacies from Indonesian cuisine and eat Padang food. Visit Indonesia’s rich history of religious structures and ruins and offer a prayer at Tanah Lot, a holy and sacred place. Later on one can soak in the sun and hit the streets to enjoy the culture in Ubud or meander around Lake Toba. If you wish to venture around off beat less crowded tracks, go trekking in Bukit Lawang.

Feast on some mouth-watering delicacies

Indonesian or Padang food as the locals popularly refer to it, is an interesting blend of variety and flavour owing to rich depth in spices and condiments. The Indonesian Satay has gained fast recognition in food circuits around the world for its unique concept and presentation. Saty goes well with Sambal, which while being technically more of a condiment is a chili-based sauce that is a staple at all Indonesian tables while ordering the Satay. Sop Buntut or the quirky ox tail soup is a revered delicacy and not to be missed for food lovers.

Visit these Places of Religious & Cultural Value

The Tanah Lot Temple is the most important pilgrimage site in Indonesia that is situated on a rock formation. The Uluwatu Temple is situated at the edge of a high cliff which makes it an interesting destination for the views it offers and the challenging climb it requires

Visit these Places for Adventure and Fun

Adventure Tours have been given a unique makeover in Indonesia for visiting travellers. Some of the unique adventure experiences in Indonesia to try include VW Safari to Ubud, trekking to Padar Island, Mangrove Discovery tour, snorkelling in Kanawa, a ride on an all terrain vehicle and finally a visit to the Komodo National Park to have a first hand experience of seeing Komodo Dragons reared in captivity.

Visit these Places for A Romantic Getaway

Visit Kamandulu in Ubud for a luxury stay amidst a natural backdrop in a traditional Indonesian village. The view is unmatchable with lush greenery cradling terrace farmed picturesque rice fields. Nihiwati in Sumba is a luxury stay amidst banana plantations and a brilliant view of the beach in the forefront. Visit Pulo Cinta a heart shaped island that takes its name after its shape to commemorate love with your soulmate.

Explore Indonesia

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