North America is a continent on the Northern Hemisphere of the planet and is the third largest continent in the world after Asia & Africa. It occupies almost 16 % of the Earth’s land area and about 5 % of its total surface area. It comprises of 7 countries in its entire length and stretch. They are namely, USA, Mexico, Canada, Guatemala, Haiti, Cuba, Costa Rica & the Carribean Islands. North America was discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1692 and that initiated the arrival of European settlers in the region. As a result the primary language of communication for all the regions in the continent is English.


India, or Bharat, is fondly called the Land of Diversity for a reason – the country is home to several races, languages, cultures, and religions entwined together into an epitome of unmatched unity. Indians believe in the philosophy of Atithi Devo Bhava (Guest is equivalent to God), which stems from their long legacy of hospitality, warmth, and open-hearted welcome. 


India is a land of deep-rooted beliefs that relate to the country’s rich history, spanning more than 2,50,000 years. For an avid traveler seeking rich experiences to fill their bucket with, India’s plethora of beautiful artistic, literary and oral traditions offer excellent memories of a lifetime. 

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Top Things to do in North America

North America is an interesting destination for a vacation or holiday as it has loads of exciting and adventurous things to offer. It is home to the most diverse and assorted array of changing natural landscapes, flora and fauna and traditions. While there is USA, the land of progress, advancement, development and innovation, tall towering building structures and booming economy, Hollywood & Disneyland. And there is also Canada, the world’s happiest country with friendliest people and lovely polar bears and moose. In the South we have Mexico with its sunny beaches and well preserved ancient Catholic church relics from a bygone era.

Feast on some mouth-watering delicacies

In North America prepare for a gastronomic extravaganza because the cuisine is definitely one of the highlights of this region closely followed by its natural sights and options for adventure and fun. While USA is the seat of invention for all modern day fast food such as burgers, fries and fried chicken, the real show stealer is the apple pie. Mexican food tops the spice quotient and the the top of the culinary line is  Pozole, Tacos al pastor, Tostadas, Chiles en nogada, Elote and Enchiladas.

Visit these Places of Religious & Cultural Value

North America is home to many indigenous ethnicities and tribal cultures of the past while Christianity is the most dominant religion in the entire continent. A lot of countries have taken the pains to preserve the heritage and traditions of its native history and ethnic legacies. The Basilica de Guadalupe shrine in Mexico is the world’s most visited holy site for Christian pilgrims. The Bahá’í House of Worship in Wilmette, Illinois, Hsi Lai Temple in Hacienda Heights, California are examples of religious wonders in USA.

Visit these Places for Adventure and Fun

For adventure and fun in North America, while there is Hollywood and Disneyland in USA, the world’s most preferred holiday destinations, in Mexico you can take a hike the Sierra Norte Mountains and be dumbfounded by the views from Hierve el Agua, Oaxaca. In Canada go for skiing in the Whistling Woods or simply embark on a polar bear safari to catch these cute cuddlies in their natural habitat.

Visit these Places for A Romantic Getaway

For a quick romantic getaway in North America, the options are endless. Be dazzled by the Northern Lights in Canada or treat yourselves to an Aztec-inspired spa treatment in Mexico. Head to Hawaii for a quiet romantic vacation with your partner in the warmth of the sunny beaches.

Explore North America


It is a diverse landscape with some of the most developed cities in the world to absolute ice infested lands northward into the Arctic Ocean.

The cities of Ontario, Vancouver and Montreal are voted as some of the best cities in the world with great places to visit and very friendly people.


Mexico is USA’s neighbour in the southern part of North America. It has a long coastline into the Gulf of Mexico and hence has many beaches in its diverse landscape.

It has rugged mountains with thick vegetation as well as arid desert regions and modern cities such as its capital Mexico City as well many festivals and lovely traditions.


The United States of America is a continuous landmass comprising of 50 states which combined together form the country, fondly referred to as USA.

It is a very unique landscape with the climate, weather, surroundings and wildlife changing starkly throughout the length and stretch of the country.

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