About the Region

Comprising the states of Bihar, Odisha, Jharkhand and West Bengal, along with the seven sister states of the North-East, East India was the proud seat of many an empire down the pages of India’s glorious history.The region spans the lush green Indo-Gangetic plains, the Chhotanagpur plateau,a part of the vivid Eastern Ghats and the entire Eastern Himalayan expanse. 


The warm and hospitable natives of East and North-East India is known for its love for food, nature, and guests. The region is characterized by its diverse yet interconnected languages, customs, beliefs, andtraditions intertwined into a solid cultural mix. 


East India is celebrated all over the world forits rich traditional legacy, myriad tribes, and religious fervor. When in East India,get ready to hop on the experiences of your lifetime – witnessing the indigenousarts and crafts of the tribals, bamboo and cane marvels, miniature art,grounded lifestyle, architectural marvels, religious fairs, and festivals, andmore!

Top Things to do in East India

East India is characterized by a rich diversityin terms of geography, history, language, art, and architecture. A trip to East India must touch upon the rugged terrains of Arunachal, the gentle slopes of Bengal,the lush greenery of Assam, the many temples of Odisha, and the serenemonasteries of Bihar. Also, you cannot miss out on the mouth-watering localcuisine of the region, from delectable street food to traditional wonders.  

Feast on some mouth-watering delicacies

From the special LittiChokha of Bihar to the sumptuous MachherJhol of Bengal, from the light Assamese FishCurry to the scrumptious Sikkim momos – East India has delectable treats forevery foodie. Not just the spicy and tangy, East India is also where you can treatyourself to sweet delights like nowhere else – Bengal’s roshogolla, Bihar’sthekua, Odisha’s chhenapoda, Assam’s pitha, and muchmore!

Visit these Places of Religious & Cultural Value

East India is characterized by a rich line-upof religiously and culturally significant tourist spots. The Tawang Valley inArunachal Pradesh is the birthplace of the Dalai Lama, while Bodh Gaya is theplace where the Buddha received enlightenment. Kolkata is India’s cultural capitaland home to the greatest writers and musicians. Other wonderful delightsinclude the weaving village of Sualkuchi, the ancient pilgrim center of Hajo, andthe innate Puri-Bhubaneswar-Konark triangle of Odisha. 

Visit these Places for Adventure and Fun

Cradle to unique tribal groups, tough hilly terrains,and snow-clad peaks, East India is home to a variety of treasures. Trek up thesnowy mountains in Gangtok or explore the pristine wilderness of Anini. Indulgein angling and rafting in the luscious Yingkiong or camp in the overwhelmingSatkosia gorge in Tikarpada – the options are endless. 

Visit these Places for A Romantic Getaway

The misty mountains of East India make forthe perfect budget romantic getaways for a weekend or two, if you wish to exploresome lesser-known gems. Our top picks? The evergreen tea lands of Darjeeling, theromantic hideout of Yuksom, the apple orchards of Lachung, the little paradiseof Peling, the ‘Scotland of the East’ Shillong, and many more!

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