Chile is an interesting country flanked by oceans on one side and mountains on another. Chile enjoys more 6000 km of Pacific Ocean coastline while its capital city Santiago is nestled between two mountain ranges, Andes and Chilean Coast Range Mountains. Santiago city’s palm-lined Plaza de Armas is home to many delightful assets such as a neoclassical cathedral and the National History Museum. The massive Parque Metropolitano offers a wide selection of activities ranging from swimming pools, a botanical garden to a zoo.


The warm and hospitable natives of East and North-East India is known for its love for food, nature, and guests. The region is characterized by its diverse yet interconnected languages, customs, beliefs, andtraditions intertwined into a solid cultural mix. 


East India is celebrated all over the world forits rich traditional legacy, myriad tribes, and religious fervor. When in East India,get ready to hop on the experiences of your lifetime – witnessing the indigenousarts and crafts of the tribals, bamboo and cane marvels, miniature art,grounded lifestyle, architectural marvels, religious fairs, and festivals, andmore!

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Top Things to do in Chile

Chile is blessed with a stunning natural bounty including mountain ranges lined with thick forests and home to diverse wildlife and vegetation as well as stunning beaches with crystal clear water. One can visit theTorres Del Paine National Park, Valle de la Luna and the Atacama Desert. The Easter Island & Rapa Nui National Park is also good choice of destinations in Chile. Santiago, the capital city is also Chile’s Cultural Capital and home to many acclaimed literary personalities and eminent poets. Santiago is also home to the Lake District that has landscaped water bodies in aesthetically maintained surroundings.

Feast on some mouth-watering delicacies

One cannot simply miss the Asado on a trip to Uruguay. Asado is the perfect dish that represents  Uruguayan cuisine for its wholesome taste and rich spicy flavours. The Chivito is another Uruguayan speciality that is unmissable. The chivito is a steak sandwich filled with a huge mountain of ingredients and has officially been voted as the best sandwich ever by celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain. One can also sample the Empanadas, Corvina, Choripan, Torta fritas, Milanesas, Pizza and faina.

Visit these Places of Religious & Cultural Value

Chilean cuisine is heavily non vegetarian and some of its speciality dishes include Pastel de Choclo which is a corn casserole with meat stuffing. The Empanadas is an authentic Chilean pastry filled with meat, cheese or mussels. Cazuela is a homemade typical Chilean stew with beef, chicken, corn, rice and potatoes. Assado is Chile’s homegrown delicacy and consists mainly of barbecue of beef, pork or chicken.

Visit these Places for Adventure and Fun

Some of the most diverse adventure activities in Chile include Sand boarding in the Atacama Desert, Heli-Skiing or Helicopter Skiing in Valle Nevado. One can also lead an excursion to the Tallest Volcano in the World. The third-largest ice mass in the world, behind Greenland and Antarctica, is in Chile.

so prepare yourself and enjoy one of the most exciting trekking routes in the world. That apart one can indulge in a host of water sport activities available on any of Chile’s innumerous beachfronts.

Visit these Places for A Romantic Getaway

The island of Rapa Nui should definitely be on top of the list for every romantic couple visiting Chile. The prevalent cultural traditions are a fun introduction, the warm climate and beautiful scenery are instrumental for romance and the stunning sunsets are the icing on the cake.

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