Austria is a landlocked republic in central Europe that is located on the Eastern Alps. It shares borders with Germany, Italy, Czech Republic and Slovakia on different sides. Its capital city is Vienna and is the largest city in the country. Austria is blessed with many castles, palaces and architectural wonders exuding old world charm, most of which were built during the Habsburg reign. The great military leader Adolf Hitler was born in Austria.


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Top Things to do in Austria

Blessed with some of the world’s finest architectural wonders and a countryside boasting some of the most resounding Gothic castles, it comes as no surprise that The Habsburgs’ summer residence is Austria’s most popular tourist attraction. Visitors are allowed a guided tour through the Imperial ceremonial rooms and can stroll freely through the accessible gardens. Once completed, one can hop on to the Schönbrunn Zoo nearby which is also the oldest zoo in the world.

Feast on some mouth-watering delicacies

Austrian cuisine is heavily influenced by Central European, especially German cuisine as well as retaining influences from the erstwhile Astro Hungarian Empire when it was a part of the Hungarian kingdom. The most common Austrian food is the Goulasch which a mixed hotpot served with Bread Loaf or rolls. Austria has its own version of the schnitzel made popular by Germany, made with boneless meat. Austrian food is heavily dependent on meat owing to its cold climate and has a lot of varieties of thick clear soup as well made from meat broth.

Visit these Places of Religious & Cultural Value

Most sites of religious and cultural value in Austria are old, widespread vintage buildings and similar structures with immaculate instances of artistry and great attention to detail in relief work and carvings. These buildings are major landmarks and are replete with rich historical significance. Some interesting examples are  Mariendom, the Melk Abbey, Bassillica St Michel & St Peter’s Abbey.

Visit these Places for Adventure and Fun

For a fair share of adventure and fun, visit the Hallstatt Village, the Schoenbrunn Palace and drop in for a quick meal at Le Loft Restaurant. Thereafter explore the Vienna Zoo, take a joyride on Vienna Ring Tram and enjoy the cityscape on rails. Visit Salzburg Salt Mines, enjoy Mirabell Gardens, explore Eagles Nest, Visit Hofburg Palace, go skiing at the Bergisel Ski Jump.

Visit these Places for A Romantic Getaway

Millstatt is a quite sombre town on the north shore of the Millstatter Lake. A visit to this sleepy lakefront town  surrounded by lush Alpine forest on one side and stone and timber houses stood in the silence of a perfectly still waters can transform the timeline into a magical place in fairy tale.

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