Luxury experiences is less defined by Michelin stars and more by access to places, the people there and the overall experiences, that represent all that’s authentic about the destination.

Combine this with high standards and MTC is pleased to offer a curated boutique of luxury options to vacation at…..indulge in the .Lux collection!

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There are plenty of reasons to visit India apart from the ever smiling faces and the hospitality; to name a few: explore historical gems, participate in a festival, experience royalty, soak in the peace and spirituality, admire the natural paradise, take part in an unending gastronomical tour, shop till you drop.….the list is endless, such is the variety that India never stops to amaze!

At MTC, we’re there to enhance your vacation in India, whether it’s admiring the Taj Mahal, or cruising on the backwaters in Kerala, or living a Kings life in a Haveli in Rajasthan and so much more!

There is a plethora of luxury vacations one can experience in India. Live like a King, in a Palace in Rajasthan and experience an opulent lifestyle; how about a Mughal era inspired luxury resort, situated within driving distance of a fort and a Bengal tiger sanctuary, again in Rajasthan; move down South to Kerala and vacation on the banks of a freshwater lake, in the luxurious abodes of a stunning villa or a houseboat?

Luxury is getting a warm welcome at 8250 feet above sea level, at a fabulous resort overlooking the majestic Himalayan mountains separated by acres of pine trees and enjoying a cocktail in an infinity heated swimming pool!

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Asia is too massive and diverse to conceptualize as a single digestible travel “destination”. Even defining the borders of this continent is difficult – from the Himalayan snowcapped mountains, to one the most desired beach destinations; Bali, there are more cities in Asia than outside of it.

MTC offers very diverse travel options. There are the ultra-modern countries like Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan and South Korea. On the other had we have countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar, Nepal which are famous for their pristine beauty… the dreams are endless and MTC is here to help you make them come real!

Whether you’re in Vietnam, Thailand, Sri Lanka or Myanmar, destinations in Asia offer pure luxury and an opportunity to lose oneself in paradise! There are plenty of themes, including mountain hideouts, tony villas, plethora of infinity pools and the like! Bali is a favourite .Lux destination offering fantastic options on the beach in Jimbaran or in the midst of a paddy field in Ubud!

One could indulge in a colonial style luxury resort with contemporary facilities on the banks of a river Hoi An in Vietnam less than a km from a UNESCO Heritage site! Krabi / Koh Samui in Thailand is another exciting option while you indulge in stunning views of the Andaman Sea while staying in extravagant villas set in tropical moats and serpentine gardens!

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The world is a stage and there’s so much to see and experience! From Australia to the Americas, and, from sun-soaked desert of the Middle East to the English castles in the UK, we offer bouquet of luxurious resorts, with fantastic accommodation, endless activities, and most importantly the memorable vacation experience that’s second to none…

You name the destination, we bespoke your vacation!

The MTC Member Experience Team will be pleased to arrange every aspect of your vacation, to make it a memorable one!

There’s so much of luxury to experience in Europe, in Australia, in the USA, in South America and more! Some of our favourite destinations include, St. Moritz in Switzerland, Rome, and Florence in Italy, Paris and Gordes in France, California and Colorado in the USA, Trancoso in Brazil, Urubamba in Peru, Margaret River in Western Australia……a very small listing of the hundreds of amazing luxury destinations awaiting a MTC member.

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