Luxury Family Vacations


Multiple Travel Club (MTC), promoted by Asian Oasis Properties Ltd (a company registered in Hong Kong), has been fulfilling family vacations for its discerning members spread across South East Asia since 1998. An international lifestyle brand, the multi-destination club offers vacation options across the globe via a variety of successful vacation products with the maxim of ensuring member delight.

The Directors and Management of MTC have a combined experience of more than 70 years in the vacation industry vertical. Having identified India as a key growth area, the result is a strategic initiative of immediately and continuously increasing vacation options, including the intent to acquire, build or control a chain of quality resorts in India by 2025.

With resorts and accommodation options in South East Asia, Europe and India already available in its portfolio, MTC has in the year 2020 launched its products to the increasing number of Indians vacationing world-wide. With the quality of its products and services always exceeding member expectations, Indians now have new and exciting options for vacationing, in comfort, in peace, in style!

Members joining the club can expect the same product quality, honesty in pricing and simplicity of use – attributes admired & appreciated by all! They will also experience a superior member experiences team via a single point of contact for all their vacation needs.

You deserve better…welcome to the new….welcome to MTC!





Partnered with the very best.

While we deliver what we promise, we are also known for the company we keep. Professional and established players, enhancing the value of your vacation membership.

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