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Corporate Travel

Corporate travel is a much-awaited venture that allows us to showcase the finer and sophisticated side of the travel & hospitality industry. Corporate houses and multinational agencies often require professional travel services and assistance for their work related travelling or even leisure and vacations. We are equipped with the necessary means and resources to lay down a top of the line travel package exclusively for corporates and white collar professionals alike that will compromise on no area of travelling including business class flight reservations, top of the line hospitality accommodations and unlimited access to a host of luxury items and activities.

Top Destinations for Corporate Outing in India

When corporates need a break from their conference rooms, meeting halls, deadlines and sales forecasts, it has to be a ravishing affair that can really be a welcome change from the seriousness of their monotonous monochrome lives in the corporate world.  Some of the top destinations for corporate outing in India that we offer include Goa, a name which also translates to fun and frenzy unlimited, a place that automatically urges you to let your hair down like no other. Admire the diversity of nature in India with a trip to the Jim Corbett Nature Park nestled in between the serene mountains and thick cover of lush green forests. Unwind in the freshness of a completely natural atmosphere in Rishikesh and connect with your inner self for peace and tranquility. 

Excellent and Unforgettable Corporate Tour Experience

Whether it is a business trip or a weekend retreat from the madness of the corporate world, create unforgettable experiences and memories to treasure with the corporate tour experience that we offer for corporate travel packages. The luxury of stay is unmatched and the atmosphere absolutely pristine that transforms your travelling into a fairy tale affair. Moreover, all the associated amenities and facilities are pre-arranged and customized for our corporate guests in order to extend a feeling of privilege like no other.

Long Weekend Trips - Exclusive and Comfy

Working in the corporate world can be a demanding affair and living such a demanding role can be exhausting for a person and drain them of their much-needed energy and vitality. Embarking on a weekend trip can be a good way to relax and take the mind away from such an intense and challenging environment. We have a long list of brilliant weekend destinations that provide options for luxurious stay and a quiet and secluded accommodation away from the hustle and bustle of the cities. 

Weekend Getaways for all your Small Meetings, Large Conferences & Grand Events

Sometimes a change of environment can work wonders for work as well, even when it is challenging and serious work like corporate affairs. Take your conference rooms outdoors and away from the familiar enclaves on the concrete jungles in the cityscape to our brilliant weekend retreat vacation houses and villas that are exclusively leased out for corporate weekend getaways. The retreat is a vast enclosure with a wide array of facilities and amenities and ideal for conducting meetings indoors while relaxing with fun activities outdoors.